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Skenos has industrial CAD capability to bring your product ideas to life. Our current CAD systems include AutoCAD Inventor and Fusion 360.  We are capable of accepting and outputting a wide variety of commonly used 3D and 2D file formats. 3D representations of your idea go a long way towards bringing your idea to life and Skenos is able to assist with that process. If you already have a design file drawn up using other software, we can use that as well.

The tools we most commonly use are:

  • 3D - Autodesk Inventor & Fusion 360

  • 2D - AutoCAD

  • Gerber - GerberView

Though these are our most preferred tools, we have the ability to accommodate any CAD file format you need!



We understand that sometimes reinventing the wheel is not the way forward when there are time constraints and tight budgets. There may be projects that you already have laid the ground work for and just need a little guidance on how to proceed. For these instances we also offer consulting services for those looking for some design assistance or recommendations on equipment. With our experience in a wide array of applications from physical prototype design, lighting, heating, or Thick Film circuit design, we can assist you with a variety of design projects.

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